Brad Ayres

Brad Ayres

State Tax Manager

Brad Ayres

State Tax Manager

Former Consultant with Ryan, LLC – 19 Years State/Sales Tax Experience




University of Texas at Dallas, Business Administration, 2001


NTD Group (Sept 2017-March 2019)

  • Managing Partner
    • Created Sales and Use Tax Consulting firm from the ground up including establishment of processes and procedures and all client service aspects
      • Represented over 40 clients including active audits, audit appeals services, requests for refunds, unclaimed property identifications and forensic accounting services for several clients
      • Assisted numerous clients in accounting software migrations, revisions to their records retention methods and overall bookkeeping practices to improve efficiency and avoid future audit liabilities

Benchmark Tax Group (Sept 2016-Sept 2017)

  • Director of Sales and Use Tax
    • Completed 12-month contract to expand the firm’s business into new markets and client service offerings
    • Directed all client service activities
    • Implemented and standardized all client service-related fieldwork practices, uniform filing techniques, and forms, deliverables, and presentations
    • Trained staff on all aspects of the additional client service offerings
    • Represented over 50 clients under active sales and use tax audits

United Paramount Tax Group (Feb 2011-Sept 2016)

  • Director of Sales and Use Tax
    • Directed all client service activities
    • Assisted with organizing and identifying all work in progress following the departure of predecessor and prior staff
    • Implemented and trained existing staff on superior client service-related practices as well as the use of database application Microsoft Access
    • Supported marketing personnel directly
    • Handled all audit appeal and contingency-based clients
    • Supervised numerous consulting staff that was responsible for represented nearly 400 clients under active sales and use tax audits

Ryan, LLC (April 2004-Jan 2011)

  • Senior Consultant
    • Recruited by Managing Principal following an unsolicited referral from one of their client’s praising a creative legal challenge made for them at a previous company
    • Represented Fortune 500 Manufacturing clients under active sales and use tax audits including BASF, PPG Industries, Dresser Industries, Siemens Water Technologies, Air Products and Chemicals, Rohm and Haas (prior to the merger with Dow Chemical), etc.
    • Achieved highest score in firm history for case study project completed by all consulting personnel
    • Entrusted with the lead role in handling newly engaged manufacturing clients after a proven track record of superior client service
    • Performed transaction taxability research project and matrix for tax technology division’s engagement to update and revise specific manufacturing client’s tax decision software applications
    • Conducted various steps in the recruitment process including hosting visiting recruits to the corporate office, social events and giving them an inside view of working for Ryan
    • Provided training to incoming transaction tax consulting personnel nationwide in firm practices, research tools, Microsoft Access software

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